Clay AIR

Research Driven Innovation

Clay AIR delivers unparalleled hand tracking and gesture recognition solutions, driving innovation in the automotive industry, powering the most advanced AR & VR immersive solutions and commanding the future of interactive technology. With pre-programed and limitless customization, Clay AIR offers universal digital interactivity.


Why Clay AIR?

  • Hardware Agnostic

    Hardware Agnostic

    Clay AIR’s software solutions are platform agnostic and easy to integrate into existing hardware.

  • Customizable


    Forty pre-programmed simple and natural gestures with limitless customization for user experience and unique interfaces across verticals.

  • Efficient


    Low latency with speeds faster than human perception. Battery saving with proprietary computer vision and machine learning techniques.

  • Accurate


    The highest performance of hand tracking & gesture recognition technology. Up to 99% accurate on simple gestures and sequences according to ground truth and f-measure.


Gesture Recognition

We use a scoring approach based on analytics and machine learning. The ready-to-go library contains 40 pre-determined hand gestures, however, users may also add their own.

Hardware Compatibility


  • RGB
  • Monochrome
  • TOF
  • IR/NIR
  • Fisheye


  • VR/AR HMDs
  • Laptops
  • PCs
  • Tablets
  • Smart TVs
  • Robots
  • Smart displays
  • Smartphones


  • CPU minimum: Snapdragon 425
  • Memory minimum: 20 MB RAM

Software Compatibility

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Mac OS
  • Windows
  • Unity
  • ARCore
  • ARKit
  • Unix/Linux
  • Ubuntu


Accuracy (Dependent on Hardware)

  • Average 99% on simple trigger gestures and gesture sequences
  • Average +/- 1% on on hand tracking

Latency (Dependent on Frames per Second)

1 frame is an app cycle. 8-16ms at 60 FPS, 4-8ms at 120 FPS


  • Clay Analog: 7 – 8ft
  • Clay ML: 12 – 15ft


  • 1 to 4 hands
  • Extensive gesture library and the opportunity to create custom gestures