Bringing natural interaction to the virtual and augmented world.

ClayReality enhances our ability to engage with the real world in a 3D space. Our solution offers full immersion and simple integration of controls for new digital environments.

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State-of-the-Art Interactivity

Interact with virtual interfaces, sketch and highlight in virtual worlds, immerse with organic in-game mechanics and engage with 3D objects. ClayReality powers high-end immersive experiences and high-value engagement.


Why ClayReality?

  • Immersion


    Improve immersion with advanced and natural interactivity. Design a customized user experience for unique interfaces in entertainment, enterprise, training and more.

  • Precision


    Refreshes at every frame with speeds faster than human perception. ClayReality adapts in real time to ever changing environments for the most accurate hand tracking and gesture recognition in AR & VR.

  • No Extra Hardware

    No Extra Hardware

    Platform agnostic and easy to integrate into existing AR & VR hardware. Compatible with RGB, NIR, TOF, monochrome cameras and more. Leverages sensors and cameras already on board.


Unleashing the Potential of Immersive Technology

  • Perform OS level Commands
  • Facilitate Remote Assistance
  • Directly Interact with Digital Assets
  • Enable Natural Menu Navigation
  • Confirm Actions/Instructions
  • Simulate Realistic Hands-on Training

How We Deliver

With advanced technical integrations across platforms and customized to your specific needs, our team delivers bespoke packages for long term value and sustainable growth.