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Nreal Partners with Clay AIR to Revolutionize Consumer AR Wearables


Charlotte Mallo

On March 6, Clay AIR announced their partnership with Nreal, the Beijing based manufacturer for mixed-reality glasses and 3D system Nebula. 

“By offering hand tracking with Clay AIR, Nreal offers its developers and users of the Nreal Light Consumer Kit an added degree of flexibility in how they might want to interact with their MR environment,” said Chi Xu, CEO and founder of Nreal.

Soon after announcing their partnership with Qualcomm, Clay AIR’s partnership with Nreal represents another step in Clay AIR solidifying their position as the leading solution for OEMs in hand tracking and gesture recognition. The key goal: to make natural interactivity with virtual and digital content accessible worldwide.

This technological breakthrough and partnership with Nreal is the first time hand tracking and gesture recognition has been integrated on an ultralight device, embedded in 6DoF monochrome cameras as a hardware agnostic solution. 

“Consumer-friendly hardware, powered by seamless hand tracking and gesture recognition technology, is a necessary catalyst to make AR accessible and practical on a global scale. This partnership marks an inflection point with the first integration of hand tracking via embedded monochrome cameras already used for spatial tracking in AR,” said Thomas Amilien, CEO of Clay AIR.

With direct integration in the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ chip that fuels the industry’s top performing virtual and augmented reality headsets, Clay AIR is standardising hand tracking as a high performance control system. Led by co-founder and CTO Jean-Baptiste Guignard, PhD in cognitive science, the Clay AIR software is a combination of advanced computer vision, machine learning and cognitive science. The hand tracking performs at speeds faster than the human eye can perceive, with a library of 40 pre-determined hand gestures and the ability to add limitless customizations. It’s the highest performance of hand tracking & gesture recognition technology with up to 99% accuracy on simple gestures and sequences. 

In an industry that is rapidly evolving and presenting new norms for how we engage with the world around us, Clay AIR’s hardware agnostic solutions cut costs by requiring no extra hardware. Cutting-edge performance enhances immersion in virtual and augmented reality environments with incomparable rates of accuracy, efficiency, high-speed and intuitive controls. In the Nreal 3D system called Nebula, developers can remodel or render full hands, separate fingers, a bounding box, cursor, and more. With Clay AIR’s platform agnostic solution, this includes deployment on native Android apps in addition to almost any alternative OS.

Clay AIR’s technology is becoming ubiquitous across industry verticals for enterprise applications and entertainment, with bespoke customizations as a key component of a rapidly evolving industry. With the onset of AR and the spatial web, wearables like Nreal are enabling us to see new layers of data, imagery and content in the real world and in a 3D space. This demand for seamless interactivity with digital environments is spurring the development of an entirely new ecosystem of devices that require hand tracking and gesture recognition software. This includes an extensive range of devices with onboard cameras such as smart displays, tablets, and mobile throughout the automotive, robotics, IoT, aerospace and defense industries. 

Our virtual and augmented reality specific solution, ClayReality, is powering this new wave of interactivity worldwide alongside key partners Qualcomm and Nreal, realizing a diverse set of needs for hand tracking and gesture recognition solutions. 



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