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Our Philosophy

Discover and build the next layer of digital and virtual interactivity. Clay AIR is innovation centric. We are future designers, global leaders and solution providers.


Fuel for Thought

  • Lead


    An opportunity to pave the way for a new wave of interactivity. Drive discussions and engage with one-of-a-kind products. Build, share, and grow with Clay AIR.
  • Learn


    We are problem solvers and interactivity connoisseurs who drive innovation with our highly informed clientele. Learn from our team, partners, and access to resources.
  • Impact


    Clay AIR is designing the next generation of computing and revolutionizing the way we interact with the digital. Connect to a world of possibility with era defining technology.
  • Innovate


    Push the boundaries of innovation with research driven results and access to equipment that is on the cutting edge of what is possible with software and hardware communications.


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