Touchfree Controls for Safe and Clean Interactions

Touchless interactions to prevent pathogen transmissions. More than 40 pre-programmed gestures available. Infinite customization.

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  • No extra hardware needed

    No extra hardware needed

    Embed our technology in any device with a camera

  • Intuitive user experience

    Intuitive user experience

    Up to 40 pre-programmed simple gestures and limitless customization

  • Performance


    Ensure user satisfaction with 99% accuracy

Use cases

Touchless Gesture Controls Are Powering Safe Interactions for Your Users, Everywhere

  • Clean medical interfaces for doctors and patients
  • Touchfree gesture controls for kiosks at airports, retail stores, and more
  • Interactive touchless interfaces while shopping and attending events

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Comic design of a Snap drawing illustrating contact-free - the power of gesture recognition and hand-tracking to increase safety and hygiene